haKnown recorded history in Ethas began in 0 AE, with the founding of Elswyn. Little is known before that time, except that the Dwarves once had an Empire spanning across Osmarden, Narashir, Sarys and Arelia (Virardan was not yet a country), and the states of different societies during this time. The little information of the world before 0 AE is known as the "Dwarven Era", even though the Dwarven Empire ceased to exist 281 years before due to a Civil War. From the time in 281 DE to 0 AE, the different societies of Ethas began to evolve out of tribal and clan states.

Pre-Dwarven EraEdit

Not much is known about Ethas before or duing the Dwarven Era. Many believe the Humans and Elves were mostly scattered clans during the time. The Ashir'Kai were always believed to be the nomads they were when first encountered. The Dwarves were to believed to be the only ones who formed a nation and advanced beyond their own borders before 0 AE, thus the "Dwarven Era" recieving it's name. It's unknown exactly when this Dwarven nation began. The only known writings that pre-date the Dwarven Era is a collection of texts known as the Divine Writ, which the beliefs of the Order of the Divine are centered around. It is unknown, however, who created these Writs, but it is believed by the Order that they just "came into being".


This timeline outlines major events within the world of Ethas.

Year Events
281DE Osmarden falls into civil war. Many of the Dwarves leave Sarys, Narashir, and Arelia, thus effectively breaking up the Dwarven Empire. The only known Dwarves to have stayed outside Osmarden grouped in Drumzohr.
0AE Elswyn is founded, the Arlehn Era begins.

Loric Rilekarth is crowned the first king of Arelia. The Rilekarth Dynasty begins.

6AE Ithanon is founded as a nation and joins with Elswyn, creating the Eldahli Empire.
22AE An Ashir'Kai nation is created, naming themselves after the Narashir Desert. It's around this time that the Ashir'Kai was encountered by an entinty known as Korthgan, who becomes the figure head of a new Ashir'Kai religion that largley departs from their old nomadic ways.
24AE The Ashir'Kai invade Sarys, and enslave the Dark Elves living there.
30AE The Order of the Divine is formed in Arelia after the discovery of the Divine Writ by Jallius Selarin.
53AE A sect of Dark Elves rebel agains the Ashir'Kai and venture north to settle Parthus. Many other Dark Elves follow.
61AE First contact between the Eldahli Empire and Arelia. Trade commences between the two nations.
111AE The first Dwarves begin to come out of the isolation of Osmarden, and settle in the land of Cairn. This is the first encounter of the Ceolen. Some travel to Arelia and Elswyn and become part of the socities there.
139AE The Dwarves that had left Osmarden and the Ceolen of Cairn officially form a nation, naming themselves after land from which they have hailed.
176AE The Ceolen Conclave is formed, becoming the official ruling body of Cairn.

A community of Dwarves, Eldahli, and Humans settle the lands north of Ithanon and Elswyn. The nation of Aeurdur is formed.

231AE Trade begins between Cairn and Aeurdur. The two nations become close allies.
303AE A group of Dark Elves from Parthus sail to Arelia. This is the first encounter the Dark Elves have with another race that is not the Ashir'Kai.
306AE The Dark Elves travel to Elswyn, which is the first contact between the two Dark Elves and the Eldahli. The Eldahli deem the dark elves Dar'Eldahli in their tounge. These Dark Elves eventually bring the Eldahli language back to Parthus, which eventually spreads to Sarys, and to the many Dark Elves enslaved by the Ashir'Kai.
371AE The infamous "War of the North" begins. The Dwarves that were still secluded within Osmarden fight back.
377AE The War of the North ends, with the Ashir'Kai seemingly victorious. In truth, the Dwarves of Osmarden secluded themselves to their underground cities. The Ashir'Kai eventually left due to the harsly cold weather of the Osmarden. The Dwarves there would remain in seclusion for years to come, rarely leaving their cities.
436AE The Eldahli Empire invades Arelia, beginning a 6 year war.

Arelia loses the Arelian-Eldahli war, and is forced to become part of the Eldahli Empire. The Rilekarth monarchy is disbanded.

530AE The city of Valeria is established by House Arrentide.
560AE The Dark Elves of Parthus begin an invasion of Sarys, hoping to free all Dark Elves from the slavery of the Ashir'Kai. This war famously becomes known as the Dar'Eldahli Liberation.
562AE Sarys is liberated by Parthus. Even though different countries, the two are joined under the same monarchy that rules over Parthus.
635AE The Ashir'Kai invade Arelia. The Arelians and Eldahli rally against the invaders, and the Ashir'Kai are pulled back in a short few months. A small rebellion begins, but is quickly stamped out by the Eldahli. The leaders of the rebellion are burned, and their hometowns are burnt in what is called "The Crystal Clearing".
776AE Kyrell Evers leads a rebillion against the Eldahli Empire. The "10 Year War" begins.
786AE Arelia wins the 10 Year War and gains independence. Kyrell Evers is crowned king. The Evers dynasty begins.
850AE The "War of the Houses" occurs in Ithanon, destabilizing the Eldahli Empire. The Empire would still be together in the outcome, but severly weakened.
983AE The Eldahli Empire is dissolved. Elswyn retains a monarchy. Ithanon remains a strong ally.
995AE Elswyn falls into seclusion for unknown reasons, and remains detached from many of the world's major events. Commerce and trade between other nations still remains, however.
1029AE King Eckhart of Arelia dies. The Arelian Civil War begins 8 months later after Virran betrays his older brother for the throne. The country of Virardan is born.
1030AE The Arelian Civil War ends with the Binding of Virran. Virardan still remains a seperate country, however.
1114AE The secluded Dwarves of Osmarden make contact and begin trade and commerce with Cairn. They however, keep much of their records and history kept from the rest of Ethas.
1166AE Aeurdur is plunged into a collapse after Raevirn the Dark kills the Council of Aeurdur and siezes power with the use of an undead army.
1170AE Araven Skirelark prevents the possible destruction of Ethas after freeing Aeurdur from Raevirn. It was discovered he was attempting to summon the Old Soul Razir.
1295AE Mt. Fellmark erupts. The resulting destruction creates a wasteland in Virardan. The city of Kyrell is destroyed.
1296AE The Ashir'Kai invade Virardan. Even though the Virardan forces are able to push back the invaders, the Ashir'Kai are still able to mantain a presense within Virardan.
1307AE Virardan begins an invasion of Arelia.
1309AE The events of Ethas: Embrace of Destiny begins.

The events of Ethas: Embrace of Destiny end.

DE - Dwarven Era

AE - Arlehn Era